Strengthening Partnerships with Governments & Industry Stakeholders

IATA partners with governments around the world to ensure that accurate regulatory requirements related to passenger, cargo, and airport charges are communicated in real-time to all aviation stakeholders. 

Our compliance solutions are designed to provide airlines, airports, ground handlers, cargo agents, travel agents, and other industry partners with all the essential information they need.

Join our Compliance Requirements Network today to make sure our industry stays up-to-date while ensuring compliance and efficiency in all operations.


Passenger Travel Requirements Network 

IATA recognizes that governments face challenges concerning compliance with border control rules and entry regulations for all international passengers.

The Passenger Travel Requirements Network powers IATA Timatic, offering a portfolio of solutions to airlines that automatically checks if a passenger's travel documents meet the rules for their destination within their check-in systems. Therefore, any regulation published in Timatic is distributed to millions of passengers and airline staff in real-time.


Benefits of joining our network

  • Have your country’s new border control requirements distributed to hundreds of airlines, thousands of travel agents and millions of passengers in real time and at no cost to you through a single hub: IATA Timatic
  • Reduce the threat of visitors entering your country who do not meet entry requirements
  • Seize the excellent opportunity to promote your country to key industry stakeholders which brings significant economic and cultural benefits
  • Reduce mistakes around travel document compliance by enabling automated checks within airline systems


Air Cargo Compliance Network

IATA recognizes that governments face challenges to distribute their country’s import and export air cargo regulations.

It is crucial that TACT publishes the most up to date information enabling global airlines and freight forwarders to securely manage the air cargo document compliance process.


Benefits of joining our network

  • Update your air cargo regulations to the TACT Air Cargo Solutions, in real-time
  • Reach a global audience of airlines, freight forwarders, ground handling agents and other air cargo stakeholders
  • Reduce the risks of shipments mishandling and improve safety of the air cargo shipments
  • Support economic growth to make your market more visible and accessible


Airport and Air Traffic Charges Network

IATA recognizes that airlines face challenges concerning the accuracy of aviation charges when planning new routes.

ACIC is used by airlines, airports, CAAs and service providers to search for and verify airport charges and invoices for over 680 airports and ATC charges.

Benefits of joining our network

  • Make your airport and ATC charges available to airlines through a single hub
  • Optimize your strategic positioning within your region to remain competitive and attractive to airlines
  • Help airlines flying to your airport/country with their invoice validation
  • Seize the excellent opportunity to promote your airport and country to key industry stakeholders