The AHM contains all the industry-approved policies and standards to support safe and efficient ground operations above and below the wing.

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If you are new to the AHM, all versions are updated annually. Digital products come with automatic updates for the year and a search function that makes finding current information easy. Plus, it's cheaper.

Note: Airport Handling Manual is a complementary manual to IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM). Buy them together and save. The IGOM is procedure driven, focusing on “how to ​​do”. The AHM is policy driven and focuses on “what to do”​​​​​​​.

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What's inside the AHM

The AHM includes the only industry-recognized contract template, the Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA) and the suggested template for Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Chapter 1 – Passenger handling
  • Chapter 2 – Baggage handling
  • Chapter 3 – Cargo/mail handling
  • Chapter 4 – Aircraft handling and loading
  • Chapter 5 – Load control
  • Chapter 6 – Management and safety
  • Chapter 7 – Aircraft movement control
  • Chapter 8 – Ground handling agreements
  • Chapter 9 – Airport handling ground support equipment specifications
  • Chapter 10 – Environmental specifications for ground handling operations
  • Chapter 11 – Ground operations training program

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Stay up-to-date

Each year, significant changes are done to policies and standards, that's why we publish a new version of the AHM every year.

The significant changes that were made to the 42nd AHM include:

  • New AHM 121: Handling Inadmissible Deportee with new guidance providing a details on INAD, reason for refusal, State responsibilities, notifications, necessary documental and other travel arrangements
  • AHM 610: Guidelines for a Safety Management System with updates made to the Emergency Response Plan guidance as per AHM 620
  • AHM 615: Quality Management System with updates in the guidance to align with ISO standards and IATA best practices
  • New AHM 620: Emergency and Crisis Management at the Airport contains new guidance providing GHSPs and airlines with a basic understanding necessary to establish an ERP at the airport including the practical tools needed and standardized checklists on how to structure, manage and execute the ERP as well as aligned with the IATA ERP Best Practices Handbook
  • AHM 903: Grouped list into 4 GSE categories and new GSE types added
  • AHM 1110: Updates to the training management, newly included Recurrent Assessment and example of a recurrent assessment checklist as an alternative option to the recurrent training, and overall update of the passenger handling job functions and Passenger handling training modules, general aviation and safety modules

Ground Operations Training

You can learn more about ground operations ensuring compliance with industry standards by taking ground operations courses.