The BRM is intended to be used as a general reference document for everyone involved with baggage activities, including ground handlers, check-in agents, supervisors, claims officers, operations and station managers, training departments, head office people, and anyone else dealing with baggage or who require a better understanding of the big picture of baggage operations and policy.

The BRM contains the latest best practices in baggage operations and policy. By applying these baggage operations will help to reduce in the number of mishandled bags and related costs as well as increase customer satisfaction in baggage handling.

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What's inside the BRM?

  • Part I - The Baggage World (Baggage Resolutions and Recommended Practices, Airport Operational Structure, The Generic Baggage Chain, 10-Digit License Plate, Baggage Tracking, Messaging and Requirements, Measuring Quality in the Baggage Area)
  • Part II – The Baggage Journey (Check-in, Security, Storage, Load and Unload, Transfer, Arrival and Claim)
  • Part III – Most Common Baggage Problems and Solutions (Guide to Solutions and Their Placement in the Baggage Journey, Baggage Handling Problems, Solutions) 
  • Part IV – The Future of Baggage (Short to Medium Term Future, RFID and XML, Technology Roadmap, The Role of Data in Baggage Operations)
  • Appednix A – Extracts of Baggage Handling Resoltuons and Recommended Practices (Extracts of Baggage Related IATA Resolutions and Extracts of Baggage Related IATA Recommended Practices)
  • Appendix B – Glossary
  • Appendix C - Special Section-Recommendations for a "Touch-Free" Baggage Process During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Stay up-to-date

Customers using the latest regulations experience fewer delays, fines, and lost contracts. Thanks to the annual BRM updates, we ensure that the information we provide stays relevant and reliable, so that the users can follow the best current baggage management practices.

Key changes in this year's edition include:

  • Electronic Bag Tag (EBT)
  • Off-Airport Baggage Services
  • Recommendations for a Contactless Baggage Process
  • Baggage Handling Procedures
  • Modern Messaging Standards Implementation

Partner Cases of Issues in the Baggage Chain


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  • SKY ASSIST: The Benefits of a Simplified Interface
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