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5 December 2022

On Demand Webinar: Responding to events of unauthorized drones

With the expanded use of drones for personal and recreational purposes, there has been an increase in the number of unauthorized drone operation and drone sightings in close vicinity of aircraft and airports. Some of these events have resulted in extensive disruption to airline and airport operations and have had a large impact on the travelling public.

To reduce the impact of disruptions caused by unauthorized drones, it is recommended that procedures as well as roles and responsibilities are clearly defined at a local level and that agreed protocols and procedures are implemented.

This webinar provides an outline of best practices that can be used to ensure better preparedness and response to unauthorized drones.

Watch the on-demand webinar now!


What information are IATA experts covering in this webinar?


  • The classification of events
  • Roles and responsibilities of actors involved
  • The best ways to detection, response and recovery
  • C-UAS technologies and measures
  • Data reporting tool

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