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4 December 2022

On-demand Webinar: The Importance of Environmental Management Systems for Aviation

How can all aviation stakeholders address their environmental sustainability challenges effectively?

As the aviation industry committed to improving sustainability, including achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, taking a close look at each stakeholder’s role and contribution towards achieving this goal becomes critical. Implementing a robust Environmental Management System (EMS) will become key for success.

This webinar explores how an EMS can help companies improve their environmental sustainability performance and IATA experts discuss the trends for airlines, airports, cargo facilities and GSPs in particular.

What questions are IATA and other industry experts answering in this webinar?

  • What are the main challenges that airports and GSPs are facing in regards to environmental sustainability?
  • How can stakeholders improve their environmental sustainability performance?
  • How can an Environmental Management System (EMS) specific to the industry help copanies improve their environmental sustainability performance?
  • What are some best practices applied across the industry - the case of Air Canada?

To help you build capacity and assist your enviromental progress, learn more about our associated tools and services:


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