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14 September 2023

On Demand Webinar: CO2 Emissions Data in Air Travel: Market outlook and standardization

IATA and industry leaders ATPCO and Amex GBT discuss the foundations and infrastructure the industry needs for consistent and transparent CO2 emissions data for air travel.

What do you learn in this webinar?


  1. Understand the landscape and science behind CO2 methodologies, why there is a need for transparent CO2 emissions data and how upcoming regulatory requirements can impact CO2 calculators.
  2. Amex GBT explains why and how corporates now rely on accurate CO2 emissions data, and how reliability and precision can empower companies to make decisions and reduce their environmental impact.
  3. ATPCO, the industry’s one-stop shop for foundational pricing and retailing data, discusses standardized distribution and presentation of CO2 data for long-term success and utility.
  4. Discover why accurate data from airlines is so valuable in building accuracy for the long-term, the important ways that the CO2 Connect calculation is informed by the latest science and how it will help companies meet the upcoming regulatory requirements in Europe and elsewhere.


How to stay up to date with the latest information provided in the webinar?


Learn more about IATA CO2 Connect, an emissions calculator developed with real airline data based on industry approved recommended practices that can easily be integrated into your operations.

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