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14 April 2023

On Demand Webinar: Transportation of Lithium Batteries Shipments by Air

Did you know consumer demand for lithium batteries is growing by 35% annually? Lithium batteries can be found in a wide variety of consumer goods, ranging from mobile phones to children's toys, cars, and e-bikes. Though widely used, most people are not aware that lithium batteries are dangerous goods that can pose a safety risk if not prepared in accordance with transport regulations.  

The aviation industry has voiced concerns over the need to address safety risks caused by the increasing number of incidents in cargo shipments. In a live webinar, industry experts outline the regulatory context and how organizations ensure the safety of their supply chain is not compromised.  

Watch the on-demand webinar now! 



What information are IATA experts covering in this webinar? 


  • Receive an update from our experts on the regulatory context.  
  • Learn about the CEIV Lithium Batteries certification and grasp the general requirements.  
  • Hear from organizations that have achieved the certification.  


Get full visibility on lithium batteries 


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