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30 November 2022

On-demand Webinar: Fast-track Digital Collaboration with the Wider Air Cargo Community

Did you know that an average shipment requires a minimum of 12 different air cargo stakeholders to exchange digital messages?

Throughout recent years, the number of system connections between air cargo stakeholders has multiplied exponentially. As the business systems, technology & connectivity channels vary from one stakeholder to another, managing digital connectivity with business partners is becoming a complex, labour-intensive process spanning over weeks.

In this webinar, we share the best practices for smartly managing your digital connectivity.You will get up to speed on how to get visibility on your partners’ messaging standards and connectivity options. Furthermore, Lufthansa Cargo AG and UNCTAD share their experiences and perspectives on digital connectivity.

Watch the on-demand webinar now!

What questions are answered in the Fast-track Digital Collaboration With the Wider Air Cargo Community webinar?


  • How can I connect with my business partners?
  • Does my partner support direct connectivity or 3rd party CCS only?
  • How can I gain visibility on my business partner’s messaging standards and connectivity options?
  • Am I connected with partners using the cost effective & feasible method?
  • Who is the right technical contact at my partner?
  • Which IT companies provide messaging services & how should I contact them?

Furthermore, EPIC is introduced as solution to fast-track digital connectivity. EPIC is the global repository where airlines, freight forwarders, customs, ground handlers, GSAs and IT service providers can find and engage their cargo partners for establishing digital connectivity. It maintains electronic messaging/API capabilities, digital connection possibilities and technical contacts of every cargo partner from the EPIC community. Acting as an air cargo gateway, IATA EPIC offers process flow to effectively collaborate with your business partners by connecting efficiently using the most feasible and cost-effective setups.

To learn more, please visit Enhanced Partner Identification and Connectivity (EPIC)

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