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Streamline digital connectivity in air cargo

Need Help?

Widespread digitalization in air cargo means that you have to deal with system connections with an increasingly large number of partners. It can be confusing and time-consuming to find your way around all the available connectivity options from one company to another.

EPIC streamlines the connectivity process with air cargo supply chain partners and allows you to find, request and connect to multiple parties with just a few clicks.

EPIC is a global web portal that enables you to search a partner’s:

  • Electronic messaging capability, such as C-IMP, Cargo-XML or APIs
  • Cargo Identifications and addressing, such as Teletype, PIMA, sftp to Webservices
  • Digital connection possibilities
  • Technical contact person

What are EPIC's benefits?

Maximize revenue

Find and connect with new business partners and create new revenue opportunities

Reduce and maintain costs

Simply modernize your operations increasing efficiency and reducing cost

Improve compliance

Connect with customs authorities to ensure compliance (ACI / PLACI)

Retain control of your data

Single repository of your cargo connectivity information where you are in control

What is included in EPIC?

IATA EPIC contains a set of tools to facilitate connections:

  • Organizational profile – Maintain contact information, connectivity IDs and messaging capabilities for all your locations, to easily share them when the time comes.
  • Partnership database – See all your current partners, with their contact information and IDs, to update them quickly when needed.
  • Distribution of IDs – Send and receive (updated) IDs and messaging capabilities to/from new or existing partners or other organizations efficiently, to never miss out on business.
  • ID publication – Choose who can see your information, and access potential new partners’ public information, to meet your business goals.
  • Request management – Receive and confirm partnership requests and updated information via the platform, to streamline your connection operations.
  • Messaging – Reach out to partners contextually, to facilitate understanding.
  • Connection statistics – Track the volume of your connections, to visualize all your station IDs and requests.

Trusted by leading cargo partners

Who is EPIC for?

  • Airlines
  • Freight Forwarders
  • IT Service Providers
  • GSAs
  • Cargo Handlers
  • Governments


EPIC is growing in popularity in the air cargo industry, with the following participants as of today: 

  • 102 Airlines
  • 1,300 Freight Forwarders
  • 24 GSAs
  • 18 IT Service Providers
  • 15 Governments/Customs
  • 6 Cargo Handlers
  • 6 International Organizations
  • 376 Capabilities (C-IMP, Cargo-XML, Web Services/APIs, UPU, Cargo IQ etc.)
  • 4,000 Identifications & Connection Setups (Airline Prefix, PIMA, Teletype, s/ftp, SMTP, AS1/2/4, WebServices/APIs etc.)


Want to learn more?

Request a demo to better learn how EPIC works. The demo videos will shed light on EPIC's search functionalities, cargo partner registration and dashboard features, to demonstrate how the platform offers complete cargo connection management.

Want to speak with an expert?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how EPIC can help your business, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. We're committed to providing the support and information you need to make informed decisions.

What's new in 2024?

Significant changes in EPIC for 2024 include:

  • Optimization of Partner Search using basic and extended search criteria, new search fields such as search by stakeholder ID type.
  • User interface improvements including fine-tuning of search results, eliminating pop-ups, new branding and auto-filling of valid values from master data.
  • Distribution of ID & preferred connection to non-EPIC partners.