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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Aviation creates jobs and drives economic growth. But knowing ​how to achieve this growth can be complicated.

IATA Consulting strives to help government agencies and non-governmental organizations measure the impact of aviation on economic development and long-term economic growth. By providing a Benefits of Aviation (BoA) report, our consulting experts evaluate the broad economic and social benefits of air transport in your region. ​​​​


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Why conduct a study?

The Benefits of Aviation study is a tool for smart policy-making and strategic investment. ​Agencies and organizations, armed with robust analysis measuring the broad economic and social benefits of aviation, are poised to make smarter, well-informed decisions.

The Benefits of Aviation study​ will provide you with an economic footprint of air transport translated into three distinct types of benefits: its contribution to GDP, jobs and tax revenue. The study also measures the benefits of tourism growth enabled by aviation. But the study does not stop there, it will become an essential tool to guide you towards additional trade, foreign direct investment, tourism, new opportunities for businesses as well as knowledge and cultural exchange.

Who can benefit from this study?​

National Governments

An increase in connectivity enabled by air transport growth can create substantial long-term economic benefits for both developed and developing economies. Delivering these benefits requires investment and other public policy support, such as market liberalization. A Benefits of Aviation study will provide the necessary analytical tool for informed decision making in the policy and regulatory space.

Regional Economic Organizations

Greater connectivity of regional economies to the global air transport network is a key driver of economic development and growth. It connects businesses and people to the global economy, opening up a wider range of economic opportunities.​

Other Aviation Stakeholders

Greater air transport connectivity means improved access from a country’s major airports to the global air transport network, for passengers and shippers. Increased air traffic flows through the country’s major airports can positively impact airlines, airports and other businesses in the aviation supply chain. Regional industry associations will find this study to be a powerful tool in supporting their advocacy effort for improving air transport connectivity in their region.

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