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IATA's Industry Priorities and Targets

IATA’s major priorities for 2015 were set by the association’s Board of Governors during their December 2014 session.  

Organizational Key Performance indicators

  • Increase airlines e-AWB penetration to 45%.  
  • Achieve cost reduction in airport and ANSP charges, fuel fees and taxes of US$ 800m and reduce proposed cost increases by an average of 27% for 2015-2016.
  • Continue to improve the reliability and efficiency of the Industry Settlement System (ISS) by keeping the net default rate on gross sales at not more than 0.025% and maintaining an on time settlement rate of 99.97% or better while reducing overall costs.
  • Drive Fast Travel penetration to include 35% of eligible passengers.

Strategic activities

Transform distribution and payment

  • Build momentum for New Generation ISS with weekly risk management reporting.
  • Ensure that at least 8 airlines are using the New Distribution Capability (NDC) shopping schemes.
  • Develop a proof of concept for Customer Order Transformation.
  • Bring 122 new participants to SIS e-Invoicing to total 163.


  • Obtain commitment from 20 airports to conduct a Smart Security diagnosis in 2015 or 2016 while moving those previously committed to the Smart Security Proof of Concept to implementation.
  • Secure widespread government support for sharing security information for risk assessments related to operations in the vicinity of conflict zones.

Ground operations

  • Drive penetration of the IATA Ground Handling Manual (IGOM) with 35% of IATA members completing a gap analysis or using IGOM as their minimum standard for ground operations.


  • Enhance Aircraft Tracking performance through best practice promotion in coordination with ICAO, industry and IATA member airlines.

Regulatory environment

  • Develop and roll out campaigns based on the value of aviation in Africa, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe.
  • Campaign for Smart Regulation, including a focus on Consumer Rights.
  • Drive forward global agenda on the industry’s environment commitments with four regional stakeholder events focused on Carbon Neutral Growth 2020 and advocate with five governments for the removal of barriers to biofuel commercialization.

IATA membership

  • Improve member satisfaction. 
  • Broaden the membership base with an emphasis on the participation of new model airlines. (at least half of which should be new Model Airlines).



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