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​In addition to printed books, many IATA publications are available in digital format.

The Windows and Mobile (multi-platform) formats make up the IATA eLibrary.

To determine which one is right for you and your organization, start with a side-by-side comparison, then read on for more detail.

Digital Formats Available


  Windows Mobile (Multi-Platform)
OS support Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android
Device support Windows computers Windows and Mac desktops & laptops, iOS & Android tablets
​License type ​Single device / user ​Single user
Multiple device No Yes
Use in an app Yes Yes
Use in a browser No Yes
Installation required Yes No, for use in browser
Yes, for use in app
Updates Yes Yes
Special features Publications may include: Dynamic data grids, Document Toolboxes, special content sections, links between titles ​No


Install the IATA Reader for Windows® once and access your IATA publications from one, easy-to-use software application. Searchable content is conveniently organized and presented. It's all stored locally on a computer so ​​it can be used any time.
Single device/user license.
Discover Windows access to IATA publications.​

Mobile (multi-platform)

Access to IATA publications on all popular platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), across a variety of devices (desktops, laptops and tablets).
Single user license​.
Explore multi-platform access to IATA publications.​

Product Support

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