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The Legal Advisory Council (LAC) advises IATA’s Board and Director General on legal matters related to international airline operations, the development of international air law, and certain common industry services, standards and systems. The LAC considers the industry legal affairs referred to it by the Director General.

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Membership & Leadership

The LAC is composed of up to 20 legal professionals from IATA’s member airlines, who are appointed by IATA’s Director General for three-year terms.

The membership of the LAC was last renewed in June 2022. See the LAC membership list (pdf).

The Secretary of the LAC is Leslie MacIntosh, Acting General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, IATA.

Working Groups

The LAC has established the following working groups to provide subject-matter guidance on an on-going basis:

  • Industry Litigation Working Group
  • Privacy Law Working Group


IATA hosts the IATA Legal Symposium on an annual basis for Member Airlines and the legal profession more broadly, including airport, government and private practice lawyers. 

For Member Airline Legal Departments

IATA circulates selected legal briefings and reference material for the information of Member Airline legal departments on a regular basis. All legal professionals directly employed by a Member Airline are welcome to subscribe even if they are not members of the LAC. Please email us to subscribe

Measures to Implement the IATA Intercarrier Agreement (MIA)

IATA administers a registry for those carriers who are signatory to the 1995 Agreement on Measures to Implement the IATA Intercarrier Agreement (MIA):

If your carrier wishes to sign either the Intercarrier Agreement on Passenger Liability or the MIA, or is required to do so as part of a regulatory approval, these are available for reference as below:

Statements and Information Published by the LAC or Former Legal Committee

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