The Security Advisory Council (SAC) acts as advisor to the Board of Governors, the Director General and other relevant lATA bodies on all matters that relate to current and emerging threats, regulatory and innovation in the security of international air transport.
The SAC will:
    • Prioritize and develop strategies, policies action plans and industry positions
    • Provide issue priorities and guidance on strategy to IATA resolution and standard setting-bodies
    • Recommend timelines, targets and KPIs for prioritized initiatives
    • Monitor and assess future industry trends


Areas of activity of the SAC will include:
  • Bi-lateral and multilateral collaboration with ICAO, States and Industry Stakeholders
  • Threat led, risk-based, outcomes focused approach
  • Regulatory policy, standards, compliance and quality assurance
  • Innovation and technology
  • Cost, efficiency and optimization
  • Oversight of Regional Security Focus Groups
  • Oversight and response to developments on industry cybersecurity threats
  • Land and air-side security
  • Insider threats
  • Facilitation-monitoring and guiding on strategies related to open borders

Composition and Meetings

Participation as a voting member of the SAC is restricted to IATA member airlines only. The number of voting participants is limited up to 15 (Chief Security Officer and/or Chief Security Information Officer of IATA member airlines). The SAC meets 2 times a year and will have ad-hoc conference calls.

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