Strategic Partners involved in the Digital & Interactive Cargo Area of Involvement will be invited to collaborate on the development of standards related to data and communication and participate in the Interactive Cargo task force, the ONE Record and e-Freight/e-AWB projects.

Digital & Interactive Cargo Strategic Partnerships Summary

The initiatives defined and driven by IATA aim to address the challenges around the lack of true digital integration, by leading the industry with end-to-end supply chain collaboration on the development of innovative technologies, streamlined processes and global standards. The Digital and Interactive Cargo area’s vision is to achieve a fully digitally connected and integrated air cargo supply chain, while ensuring that it is equipped with standards and guidance.


  • Participate in working groups and task force meetings
  • Participate in the new standards collaboration tool 
  • Benefit from sponsorship/exhibition opportunities at IATA World Cargo Symposium and CNS Conference and any digital cargo events organized by IATA
  • Advertise on the IATA Cargo website at a discounted rate
  • Receive a complimentary premium listing in IATA's Cargolink
  • Benefit from the opportunity to network with airlines and IATA specialists in digital cargo
  • Participate in the development of the new standards


Digital Cargo Working Group

The objectives of the DCWG are to provide recommendations to the Cargo Operations and Technology Board (COTS) on the development of digital cargo standards, adoption plans and implementation guides. Specifically, these recommendations include:

  • The development and enhancement of the ONE Record standards (in particular on the API & Security topics and also on the data model maintenance and expansion)
  • The e-AWB / e-Freight industry adoption strategy and plan
  • Specific expertise with regard to digital cargo processes
  • The definition of a ONE Record industry-wide adoption and rollout plan (considering the legacy e-Freight infrastructure)

Interactive Cargo Task Force (ICTF)
The Interactive Cargo Task Force (ICTF) is established under the Cargo Operations and Technology Board (COTS). Its objective is to provide recommendations on:

  • Standards, processes, guidelines and procedures for communication and operations to enable air cargo to be interactive (e.g., standards to locate, monitor, send/receive notifications, respond)
  • Standards, processes, guidelines and procedures to facilitate the safe and efficient use of connected devices in air cargo (to track, monitor, plan and control)

The ICTF develops the Policy Papers, Recommended Practices, and Standards Operating Procedures to enable to track, locate, monitor, notify and respond to real-time/near-real-time notifications by facilitating the safe and efficient use of connected devices in air cargo.

Focus Areas

  • One Record
  • e-Freight/e-AWB
  • Digital Cargo future initiatives
  • Piece-level tracking
  • Tracking and monitoring business processes and operations
  • Data sharing and management linked to Interactive Cargo

Designed for

  • Supply chain operators
  • Cargo IT application providers
  • Freight forwarder and Shipper IT application providers
  • Device Manufacturer such as Cargo trackers
  • CCS / Digital Connectivity Providers
  • Technology solution providers
  • Global Distribution Systems (GDSs)
  • Ground Handlers
  • Aircraft Manufacturers

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).