Accounting Centre of China Aviation

Region Asia
Description ACCA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TravelSky Technology Limited, is a leading industry solutions provider to airlines, airports, and aviation associate organizations in China. ACCA offers revenue accounting application development, maintenance and support services to customers. For the system products, they mainly provide business processing systems and data analysis systems, including passenger revenue accounting system, cargo revenue accounting system, mail revenue accounting system, airport miscellaneous charges revenue accounting system, air traffic revenue analysis system, business decision making system, clearing and settlement system, hotel settlement system, E-payment system. ACCA also offers business outsourcing services to customers, such as revenue accounting services, clearing and settlement services, and BSP data processing services. With rich technical expertise and industry experience, ACCA is confident to deliver comprehensive system solutions and high quality services to help customers achieve great effectiveness and efficiency in business.
Areas of Involvement
  • AGM
  • Revenue Accounting
  • Pay Account
  • Plan Standards
  • Shop Order
  • ONE Record

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