Amadeus IT Group, S.A.

Region Europe
Description A world-leading IT technology and distribution solutions provider, Amadeus delivers solutions for the travel and tourism industry, including leading-edge services that cover airlines’ unique business needs, independent of their size, business model or market reach. Amadeus solutions are grouped in two categories: Distribution and Content, IT Technology. In 20 years of innovation, Amadeus has heavily invested in the latest technology to ensure superior performance and reliability for its customers. Today, its open architecture systems facilitate rapid integration of new services and applications, supporting airlines and other providers as they adapt to changing business environments.
Areas of Involvement
  • AGM
  • Baggage Services
  • Passenger Experience
  • Revenue Accounting
  • Ground Operations
  • Baggage XML sub group
  • Electronic Baggage Tag sub group
  • Baggage Pro-rates sub group
  • Fintech & Payment Services
  • Pay Account
  • Plan Standards
  • Shop Order
  • ONE Record

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