Region Europe
Description The core business of the CEPS (Central Europe Pipeline System) is the transport and storage of Jet Fuel for which it has an aviation fuel banking system. Specifications of both civil and military aviation fuel are unified permitting storage and transport of only one type of aviation fuel (Jet A-1). Once a client enters a fuel into the Network, delivery can be made immediately, at any point. A high degree of spezialisation in the realm of aviation fuels enables the CEPS to deliver significant amounts of Jet Feul to European civilian airports, including: Amsterdam, Findel, Frankfurt and Zaventem. CEPS has been in service since the late 50's transporting fuel for military clients. Since the late 70's CEPS transport and storage capacity was also made available to non-military clients with connections to civilian airports. Nowadays, the major part of the transported fuel (mainly Jet) is for non-military clients.
Areas of Involvement Fuel Technical Group
Website www.nspa.nato.int/en/organization/ceps/ceps.html

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