Medina Quality Assurance Services

Region North America
Description Established in 1980, Medina Quality Assurance Services (“Medina Quality”) develops, manages, and certifies food quality and safety assurance programmes for airlines, food producers and other large scale food purchasers. Medina Quality’s programmes for the airline industry are designed to reduce the chances of providing in flight food that may be a health risk to passengers and crew members, while increasing the chances or providing in flight food that meets quality expectations and satisfies (airline) regulatory and diligence requirements. Through the In flight Services Quality and Safety Alliance (“QSAI”) Medina Quality helps most of the world’s international airlines protect: their passengers and crew members, the consistency of food and food service quality, and their brands from legal non compliance. Over the last 30 years, Medina Quality has conducted over 15,000 audits on in flight catering and other airline food suppliers facilities located worldwide. Additionally, Medina Quality also offers consultancy services to advise, develop management systems and provide training in the area of quality and food safety assurance. Medina Quality’s services enable airlines to have just in time, reliable, unbiased information about the safety and quality of their in-flight food and food management systems. Medina Quality’s services are based on independent, objective, consistent methodologies and the most up to date scientific and regulatory knowledge, and industry experience. All of this driven by principles of professionalism, integrity and a genuine commitment to improving the health and well-being of food consumers and strengthening, promoting and protecting their client’s brands.
Areas of Involvement Ground Operations

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