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5 February 2018

Changing The Air – What the Public Thinks

Politicians and the aviation business talk a lot about the need for airspace change in Europe, but what does the ordinary man and woman on the street think? We brought together a number of European citizens, representing a variety of occupations and countries, to find out what they thought about air travel in Europe. We also took the opportunity to explain to them about the challenges facing European airspace and the reforms and modernization we think are needed.

It was fascinating to hear people’s opinions on what they value – and what frustrates them – about aviation in Europe. And it was interesting to see that after just a few minutes being shown the facts about air traffic management, everyone grasped the urgent need for change.

Perhaps the most telling contribution came from a Spanish gentleman, Domingo, who simply said, “What do we have Europe for if they are not making sure it works for the whole Continent?” We agree, Domingo. But we invite you to watch the video of the focus group session and make up your own minds.

Here's the video:

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