Scanning the Horizon: Global trends that could shape the future of our industry
As our world becomes faced with increasing political and economic uncertainty, more and more governments and corporates are using strategic foresight to consider the global trends that could affect their citizens, their businesses and society in general.

With this in mind, IATA is working with the School of International Futures (SOIF) to look at the global trends that could have a significant impact on the airline industry within the next twenty years.

SOIF’s Cat Tully talked about what strategic foresight is, why organizations use it and some of the preliminary findings from the foresight study that SOIF and IATA are currently doing for the airline industry.​ Building on the address from the School of International Futures, the FutureWorld Foundation's Sean Cleary focused on the geo-political global trends that could play a key role in shaping our industry’s operating environment over the next twenty years.​​ ​​​​


  • ​Catarina Tully, Co-founder​, School of International Futures​
  • Sean Cleary, Executive Vice Chairman​, Future World Foundation