What’s in store for our industry?

Aviation has been a disruptive innovation in itself, which has created new markets and a high value network. But what disruptive innovations have helped to maintain that network? And what have they taught us about planning for the future? What are some of the major 'disruptions' that have occurred in other industries? And what could we learn from them? This panel will also serve as a platform to debate what travel industry-specific disruptions and what ‘external disruptions’ might be on the horizon, and how we can take advantage of them or mitigate the risks.

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John Luth, Managing Director & Head of Corporate Advisory Group, Seabury


  • Bryan Saltzburg, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Flights Business
  • Gillian Morris, founder and CEO, Hitlist
  • Christoph Mueller, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Emirates Group
  • Jeremy Wertheimer, Vice President Engineering, Google