1. Customs: helping or hindering trade?

Customs are sometimes regarded as just another obstacle to be crossed in the journey of people and goods. But the conclusion of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) offers the potential to reduce transport and cross-border business costs, speed up supply chains and enable easier access to global markets. It is critical that Customs authorities play a key role in helping deliver this potential, by harmonizing approaches through global standards and embracing new automation technologies.

Through this interview we will explore how industry and governments, working in partnership and through the World Customs Organization, can collaborate so that all parties get to benefit from the TFA and other relevant WCO instruments.

Interviewer: Gabriela Frias, Business Anchor, CNN
Speaker: Sergio Mujica, Deputy Secretary General, World Customs Organization (WCO)

2. Aviation Security: the need to think holistically

The aviation industry has always maintained that security, along with safety, is its highest priority. But the nature of the security threats faced by our industry is constantly changing, and no more so than in recent times.

The traditional ‘on the ground’ and ‘in the air’ threats to aircraft and aviation infrastructure have now unfortunately been compounded by threats like cyber security, and flights over conflict zones. This makes the security environment increasingly more complex for airlines, airports, governments and all other affected stakeholders, making it critical to address security in a holistic way.

Interviewer: Gabriela Frias, Business Anchor, CNN
Speaker: Henrik Hololei, Director-General for Mobility and Transport, European Commission


3. Aviation Environment - Implications of a GMBM scheme

With the adoption of a global market-based measure for aviation adopted by the ICAO Assembly in 2016, our industry has taken an important step forward in its efforts to address its climate change impact. This quick-fire Q&A will take a look at how this step fits into the longer term global climate change policy journey.

Moderator: Anita Mendiratta, Special Advisor to the Secretary General, UNWTO
Speaker: Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Global Energy and Climate Practice Leader, WWF