Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have come here seeking an effective solution for aviation and climate change. It is a tough task by any measure. To help you, the global industry is united from airlines to airports, ANSPs and manufacturers, representing every business model and operating in every corner of the planet.

The industry came to Montreal with a common vision for our future, a strong commitment to challenging targets and confidence in ICAO’s history of bridging gaps between states to deliver global solutions.

You know our position, a global sectoral approach that accommodates the special needs of developing nations under ICAO’s leadership. And a four pillar strategy to improve fuel efficiency, stabilize emissions from 2020 and cut them in half by 2050. With this vision, aviation is a role model for all other industries to follow.

Now, let me very honest and very blunt. At the end of a very difficult day, I am concerned for the outcome of your work. This meeting is in danger of two things: being held hostage by the desire for consensus and missing a great opportunity. You have 24 hours, to rise above the obstacles of a few and deliver results.

If you fail to agree and declare a credible position for ICAO to take to COP 15, it will not be the responsibility of industry or of ICAO. It will be the failure of those gathered here who lost an historic opportunity. You will have ignored that the aviation industry is united, committed and already delivering results. And it will be an embarrassment for you that industry is setting tougher environmental targets for itself than its regulators can agree.

I welcome you tonight with a simple message. Industry is here to support your work and your success. Please take advantage of our unity, ambition and commitment to reach a strong position for COP 15 that improves aviation’s environmental performance and safeguards ICAO’s role and global standards for the sustainable future of this industry.

Thank you.