Montreal – The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced the publication of the first edition of the Lithium Battery Risk Mitigation Guidance for Operators. This free online guidance material provides airline operators with critical information related to the safe handling and transport of lithium batteries by air.

“Lithium batteries are safe to transport provided that they are designed, tested, manufactured and packaged in accordance with the global transport safety standards. Developed with the input of leading industry groups specialized in the area of handling potentially dangerous goods, the Lithium Battery Risk Mitigation Guidance for Operators represents an invaluable source of reference,” said Kevin Hiatt, IATA’s Senior Vice President for Safety and Flight Operations.
In addition to being available free of charge, the Lithium Battery Risk Mitigation Guidance for Operators is copyright-free, allowing download and onward distribution to interested users.

“Whether on passenger or cargo aircraft, operators can now rely on this guide, which will be updated and expanded as needed,” said Hiatt.

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