​​Colleagues, members, friends.

Thank you,…for the honor of confirming me as the seventh Director General and CEO of the International Air Transport Association.

IATA has a tradition of strong leadership. Each Director General has brought his own flavor to this important role. They have all contributed to making our industry stronger by ensuring that IATA is focused on airline needs and equipped to represent, lead and serve all its members. I look forward to continuing that tradition.
It is a privilege to follow Tony Tyler who has led IATA so skillfully. I will inherit an organization that Tony has re-shaped to be close to its members and effective in delivering the value that they expect of their global association. I particularly look forward to working with the strong IATA team that Tony has built.

Under Tony’s leadership IATA has embarked on major programs that will have a transformational impact on our industry. And we owe a great debt of thanks to Tony for partnerships that he has strengthened across the industry, and with governments. I will nurture these partnerships as we

  • Drive forward important initiatives to “Simplify the Business”,
  • Advocate for Smarter Regulation, Improve infrastructure,
  • Manage our climate change impact, and
  • Drive efficiencies across the value chain.

One of our most important partnerships is with governments—where I have spent part of my career. I understand how governments operate. But let me reassure you, I am far from patient with the speed at which they work. I shall be a tireless advocate for government policies to keep pace with the challenges that you—IATA’s members—face.

Let me also assure you that I am a businessman. Like you, I know how tough it is to run an airline. And, I understand how much you count on IATA for

  • The reliability of its settlement systems,
  • Its leadership on current issues, and
  • Its foresight in preparing for future challenges.

The tremendous support that you give to IATA—helping it to be successful in serving your needs—is clear from your participation at this AGM.

At Air France-KLM and at Thales before that, my focus has been on customer needs, creating value today and looking ahead to prepare for the future.

I will be guided by a similar focus at IATA, but with the broad interests of the entire industry at heart.
IATA is where airlines come together to agree on a common way forward so that air travel is safe, secure, efficient and sustainable.

We know the barriers

  • Costs from monopoly suppliers are too high,
  • Taxes add to the burden,
  • Regulations have unintended negative consequences, and
  • Infrastructure needs are too often ignored.

As your Director General and CEO, my only objective is to help you—IATA’s members—to be more successful by advancing our common interests.

And what better industry to represent!

  • Tony calls it a force for good.
  • I agree.
  • For me,….we are in the business of freedom.

Airlines bring people together—to do business, to learn, to explore, and to experience. And we deliver cargo that underpins world trade. This creates value for our world—value that would go unrealized without aviation.
I am proud to be part of the global air transport industry. And I am excited to represent, lead and serve our industry as IATA’s Director General and CEO.

I am committed to leading an effective association that is worthy of the strong support that you give to it. I look forward to helping all ​of our members “fly better, together.”

Thank you again for your trust and confidence. ​​