Masquerading this cash grab as a green tax the week before COP26 is the height of political hypocrisy that people are fed up with. Just two weeks ago the global airline sector committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The aim is to keep flying both affordable and make it sustainable. A tax hike does not help. We know that none of the billions of pounds collected will be directed to green investments.

Moreover, placing an even larger APD financial barrier between the UK and the world makes a mockery of the Global Britain ambition by dealing yet another blow to the UK’s competitiveness. The reduction in domestic APD tells us that the government understands the economic destruction that APD causes. It should apply this wisdom to international connectivity and aim to boost UK competitiveness by eliminating APD completely

Frankly it is astounding that the UK Chancellor thinks now is the time to raise the cost of flying.

Willie Walsh, IATA´s Director General. 

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