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CORSIA Center (formerly called FRED+) facilitates CO2 emissions reporting for aircraft operators and states subject to CORSIA in accordance with ICAO requirements. The system allows for input of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) data and its inclusion in the CORSIA Emissions Report. CORSIA Center can be accessed via EcoHub.

CORSIA Center offers analytical dashboards and benchmark reports, providing aircraft operators with valuable insights on fuel, emissions, and operational efficiency of their fleet. It is accessible free of charge to all aircraft operators subject to CORSIA, their state authorities, and designated verifiers.

Need Help?

Need Help?

CORSIA Center allows three type of user profiles to register and to pair up in order to comply with the CORSIA emissions reporting requirements:

  • Aircraft operators. All aircraft operators are eligible to access CORSIA Center, IATA member airlines, non-IATA members, private aviation, business jet operators
  • State authorities designated to administer aircraft operators subject to CORSIA (e.g. National Civil Aviation Authorities)
  • Verifiers accredited by National Accreditation Bodies and mandated by respective airlines to verify CORSIA emissions data

Request Access

CORSIA Center is part of EcoHub. Follow these steps to access Ecohub.

  • Aircraft operators and state authorities: 
    Step 1: request access to EcoHub by registering to our Customer Portal 
    Step 2: in the Customer Portal, select EcoHub from the available services, and request access. You will receive a notification once your EcoHub access has been granted.
  • Verifiers can only access by invitation from aircraft operators and should therefore not request access. Please refer to the FAQs for more information.

CORSIA Center functionality

  • Step-by step emissions reporting engine, fully CORSIA (ICAO SARPs) compliant
  • Data vault with manual and automated batch upload functionality
  • Ability to upload data on individual flight, aerodrome pair, or state pair level
  • Error logs and direct rectification of errors
  • Operator-specific and customizable data validation feature
  • User defined analytical dashboards and benchmark reports
  • SAF reporting
  • Built-in CERT functionality to address data gaps and emissions estimation
  • CORSIA knowledge base
  • Verifier interface and validation pages
  • Emissions Monitoring Plan (EMP) approval workflow and archiving function
  • User access management, differentiated user profiles and rights
  • State authority (e.g., CAA) administration pages



Webinars for airlines and state authorities

We can organize dedicated webinars -at no cost- covering CORSIA Center functionalities and how the system can help you with your CORSIA reporting requirements.

​Please complete this form and indicate your preferred date and time. We will get back to you as soon as possible  

CORSIA Center Frequently Asked Questions


CORSIA Center is an easy-to-use and intuitive platform developed to support and facilitate CO2 emissions reporting for aircraft operators, verifiers and states subject to CORSIA.

CORSIA Center is available for all aircraft operators irrespective of IATA membership, size or type of operations.

Yes, aircraft operators can use CORSIA Center independently of their administering authority to generate emissions reports and take full advantage of the analytical tools available.

No. Any airline wishing to use CORSIA Center will do so on a completely voluntary basis.

On Data Submissions & Analytics

Yes, the system accepts manual and automated inputs, or a combination of both.  

Yes, automatic physical data checks on all information entering the system will be conducted.  

As often as you like, from daily entries to annual submissions as required by CORSIA – whichever is most convenient for the user.  

States will be able to export a report in the format required by ICAO for submission.  

Yes, the system will facilitate SAF reporting – and handle all additional supporting documentation required.

EMPs can be stored, archived and shared between aircraft operators and their respective authorities. Guidance materials and templates will be available for download from CORSIA Center.

Yes, all relevant reference information will be available and continuously updated.

Customized output reports can be generated upon request by both aircraft and state users.

Yes, CORSIA Center offers customizable de-identified benchmark reports.

User Management & Data Security

Yes, verifiers can access the system to validate data and upload verification reports. Verifiers can only access the system by following the invitation email that aircraft operators can issue within the system. It is not possible for verifiers to request access on their own.

Yes, each account within CORSIA Center can be assigned multiple users with customizable access rights.

CORSIA Center is developed upon internationally-recognized and best-in-class data management and security standards. Regular data security and processing integrity audits of the system are performed.

A strict validation process will ensure only designated users from aircraft operators, states and verifiers can access CORSIA Center. Access requests beyond this will be unconditionally declined.


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