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Welcome to the Appointment Calendar (AppCal) Help pages, where we will guide you through the process of setting up your AppCal profile and making your appointments with other attendees at the Slot Conference. You can find instructions for the different steps in the navigation bar above.

Participants eligible* to receive access to AppCal are limited to registered Head Airline Representative and Airline Representatives; Head Coordinator and Coordinators; Head Facilitator and Facilitators and 1 Exhibitor AppCal login per booth. If a registered delegate accredited as a support role requires AppCal access, their Head Delegate (HOD) must update their accreditation within the Online Accreditation System. Upon completion, each registered delegate will receive AppCal access within 48 hours (Mon-Fri).

Limited AppCal access will be granted to support roles and observers under a ‘Guest’ username. Access to AppCal will give the ‘Guest’ visibility of delegates attending the conference and their location during the conference only. Login information will be sent to delegates a few days prior to the conference.

SC155 - Singapore, Singapore
Wednesday, 30 October 2024 (10:00 UTC) Customization: Delegates eligible* to access the system are emailed logins and passwords to access the system. You are requested to update your profile and prepare your meeting strategy. You can also connect with other delegates and chat with them. After this date, it may take up to 48 hours Mon - Fri for newly registered delegates to receive access to the system.
Tuesday, 05 November 2024 (10:00 UTC)

Coordinators & Facilitators: only can request meetings and write messages.

Monday, 11 November 2024 (10:00 UTC) Airlines, Coordinators & Facilitators: Can request meetings and write messages.
Tuesday, 12 November 2024 (04:00 UTC) Sponsors, Airlines & Coordinators: Can request meetings and write messages.
Wednesday, 13 November 2024 (04:00 UTC) Airport Exhibitors, Sponsors, Airlines & Coordinators: Can request meetings and write messages.
Thursday, 14 November 2024 (04:00 UTC)

Exhibitors, Airport Exhibitors, Sponsors, Airlines & Coordinators: Can request and accept appointments and use messages and email.

Monday, 18 November 2024 (08:00 conference local time)

Trade Associate, Exhibitors, Airport Exhibitors, Sponsors, Airlines & Coordinators:Can request and accept appointments and use messages and email.

Thursday, 22 November 2024 (18:00 local time)

Slot Conference Closed
New meetings can no longer be requested/accepted or taken.

Tuesday, 10 December 2024 (10:00 UTC)

All messages left in AppCal Message Boxes are deleted. 


Usernames & Passwords

Once you have registered for the IATA Slot Conference and have been loaded into the AppCal system by IATA you will receive an email with your username, password and link to the AppCal system from

If you have recently registered for the event, please wait until you receive your username and password from AppCal, this indicates you have been loaded into the system. This can take up to 48 hours if you register after the Slot Conference registration deadline.

Watch our video tutorial for logging in to AppCal!

Logging in

Go to the AppCal login page (you can also copy and paste into your browser).

Each eligible* registered participant in the Slot Conference is provided with an individual username and password. Type in the information in the appropriate input fields.

  • When logging in for the first time you will be asked to change your password. You can change your password also any time after this, as many times as you like
  • If you have accidentally clicked on the “Change Password” button just click on “Cancel Change” to return to the login page

The username and password are not case sensitive.

After logging in for the first time you can customize your profile in the My Info page.

*Participants that are not eligible for AppCal access are limited to Support roles, Observers and Visitors. If you are registered as a support role and require AppCal access, please request your Head Delegate (HOD) updates your accreditation in the Online Accreditation System. Upon completion, each registered delegate will receive AppCal access within 48 hours (Mon-Fri).

Approximately one week prior to the start date of the conference, 'Guest' access will be distributed to Support roles, Observers and Visitors, which will give guests a view of participants attending the conference and where they are located.

Customizing your profile

Go to the My Info page in AppCal to personalize your information. For a quick introduction on how to customize your profile watch our video tutorial!

  • Possibility to modify several items on your profile. To find more information on these items, check the text next to the different items
  • Some information is fixed. Contact IATA ( if you want to change any of these
  • Remember to press the “Update” button to save your changes

Coordinators and Facilitators are requested to add the airport codes they are representing to the ‘Airport/Section’. It is important that this is completed as soon as AppCal opens, so that Airlines can plan their meetings accordingly.

Customizing your calendar

The different calendar pages are designed to resemble an ordinary calendar. The different calendar views are:

  • My Calendar, showing your calendar across all conference days
  • Company Calendar, showing your calendar followed by all other participants from your company for one day
  • Favourites Calendar, showing your calendar followed by the calendars from your favourites list for one day
  • Participants page, showing your calendar followed by all the participant calendars you have chosen from the search output for one day


Adjusting your availability

You can adjust your availability by blocking parts of your calendar in the My Calendar page. Your calendar will have timings for coffee breaks, lunches and evening receptions included (which you can easily remove if required).  Once the full program is published, don't forget to block the time in your Appcal calendar if you wish to view these sessions live. 

  • Click the calendar cell you want to block and choose the “Block” entry
  • Fill out the requested number of cells you want to block and an appropriate note
  • The notes are only available to your co-workers
  • To unblock the cells click the blocked cell and choose “Unblock”

There are different colour codes for different content on calendar cells. You can see a list of the Calendar Legend at the bottom of the calendar page.

Calendar cell content is visible for all appointments where you or one of your co-worker is involved. Cell content is not visible for appointments involving third parties.

Authorization roles

Your administrator (default the head delegate) can adjust your "Authorization Role" which defines your rights in the system. The administrator has extended rights (pdf) to work on behalf of other users in the same company. A participant with a normal authorization role can perform transactions only for himself.

How to find other participants

On the Participants page you can search for other participants and add them to your own favourites list for quick reference. Watch our video tutorial for more information on finding other participants!

To search for participants, fill in one or more of the following search criteria (max 2 criteria is recommended):

  • Category (drop-down menu)
  • Company code or name (drop-down menu)
  • Country (drop-down menu)
  • Airport or Sector (free text)
  • Name (free text - input a last name or a first name)

Top Tip! Click “Search” with no entries in the boxes. You will now see a list of all the participants. Click “ctrl+F” for search function and start typing criteria like name or country.

Favourites list

If you have attended a conference before you can copy your favourites list from the previous year. This is done on the Favourites Calendar page. Click “Copy favourites from previous conference”

There are some reasons why an old favourites calendar could not be created successfully:

  • Participant has not yet completed his registration
  • Participant is duly registered but has chosen not to show a calendar
  • Participant is not attending the conference
  • A warning message will show you which participants could not be copied

Alternatively, you can build a new favorites list on the Participants page:

  • To add participants to favorites click “Add’ in the favorite column of the search results on the Participant page
  • You can see your current selection of favorites by clicking "Display favorites”
  • To remove participants from favourites click “Remove” on the favourite column
  • There is a limit to the number of participants you can add to your Favourite Calendar. Once the threshold is met, a warning pop-up will alert you to stop adding new participants to your favourite list


Watch our video tutorial for setting up appointments in AppCal!

To make appointments with other participants you can either go to the Favourites Calendar or to the Participants page.

  • To request an appointment, select the participant you want an appointment with (see the Participants tab for more information)
  • Click in a free cell in the calendar of the participant you want an appointment with
  • “Request” will request an appointment for the duration of one cell directly to the default location (pdf)
  • “Request with note” allows you to add a note or an ad hoc location to your request
  • “Request extended” allows you to request a longer appointment or another location

The location of the meeting will be updated automatically at the conference. Kindly note, airlines are expected to go to the coordinator workroom for appointments and all delegates are expected to go to the exhibition hall for appointments with exhibitors and sponsors. For more information, please view default locations (pdf).

Virtual attendees and appointments

Please view this special note on virtual attendees (pdf) and how these meetings will take place.

Actions to an appointment request

  • You can cancel your own requests at any time in your own calendar. The recipient of the request will not be notified of the cancellation. If the appointment has already been accepted, you will be asked to supply a note about the cancellation
  • You can accept or decline requests from others. It is also possible to forward them, or to change time or duration. For further instructionse please go to appointment management (pdf). In appointment management (pdf) you can also find other useful information such as different actions to appointments requests or how to export your calendar so it’s worth checking out!

Messaging other participants

Watch our video tutorial to find out more about the features that the message box offers!

  • Each company has access to their message box in the Appointment calendar
  • Messages sent to a company message box can be viewed by every participant from that company
  • The message box is located on the Messagebox page. If there are unread messages the message box header will be red

More detailed information on messaging can be found in the Messagebox, SCR & Swap messages document (pdf).

SCR and SWAP messages

All necessary information on SCR messages and formats can be found in IATA’s Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM). In case of differences of interpretation between this AppCal Help Page and the SSIM, the SSIM will prevail.

SCR Message box

  • To write a SCR Message go to the Messagebox page and choose “Write a SCR Message”
  • Select the recipient from the drop-down menu on “To”. You can only send a SCR Message to one company at a time
    You can either paste a ready SCR Message by clicking “Paste an already written SCR into the message” or use the SCR editor

For more detailed information on how to create a SCR messages please view the Messagebox, SCR & Swap messages document (pdf).

Swap Messages

  • The purpose of the swap message functionality is to facilitate the exchange of slots between participating airlines, and have the transaction confirmed by the coordinator
  • The swap transaction must be approved electronically by all airlines involved in the swap, and is only forwarded to be processed by the coordinator if all approvals have been added. One message is sent by all participating airlines to the coordinator
  • The swap transaction is transmitted to the coordinator in an SCR format
  • The participant creating the swap message must have all the information necessary to create the entire message on behalf of all the participating airlines

For more detailed information on how to create a swap message please view the Messagebox, SCR & Swap messages document (pdf).