The Worldwide Airport Slot Guidelines (WASG) are the foundation upon which the global slot allocation process works for the benefit of airlines, airports and consumers. The WASG is jointly published by IATA, Airports Council International (ACI) and the Worldwide Airport Coordinators Group (WWACG). The WASG is built on the pillars of transparency, flexibility, certainty, consistency and sustainability.

From 1 June 2020 the WASG is jointly published by IATA, Airports Council International (ACI) and the Worldwide Airport Coordinators Group (WWACG). The WASG is the result of airport operators, airlines and slot coordinators working together to modernize and improve the slot guidelines.

Thanks to continual update and revision, the WASG represents the globally accepted best practice and ensure that slots at capacity-constrained airports around the world are independently allocated to airlines using consistent policies, principles and processes.

Objectives of the WASG

The prime objective of airport slot coordination is to ensure the most efficient declaration, allocation and use of available airport capacity in order to optimize benefits to consumers, taking into account the interests of airports and airlines.

  1. To facilitate consumer choice of air services, improve global connectivity and enhance competition at congested airports for passengers and cargo.
  2. To provide consumers with convenient schedules that meet demand, are consistent from one season to the next, and reliable in terms of their operability.
  3. To ensure that slots are allocated at congested airports in an open, fair, transparent and non-discriminatory manner by a slot coordinator acting independently.
  4. To realize the full capacity potential of the airport infrastructure and to promote regular reviews of such capacity and demand that enable effectual capacity declarations for slot allocation on a seasonal basis.
  5. To balance airport access opportunities for existing and new airlines.
  6. To provide flexibility for the industry to respond to regulatory and changing market conditions, as well as changing consumer demand.
  7. To minimize congestion and delays.

Worldwide Airport Slot Guidelines - for download


Latest list of all level 2 and level 3 Airports

List of slot coordinated and facilitated airports (xls) as officially declared to IATA. Last updated: 15 December 2022

WASG Annexes

Worldwide Airport Slot Board - Best Practices 

Recommended practices agreed by the WASB for adoption by all coordinators, airlines and slot coordinated airports.

  •  Managing temporary reductions of airport capacity (pdf) - Guidance to manage temporary reductions of airport capacity announced after the confirmation of seasonal capacity parameters. All guidance is complementary to the Worldwide Airport Slot Guidelines.