The Quality and Safety Management systems have vital importance in providing assurance across the industry. Through systemic and rigorous approaches, IATA maintains and promotes to achieve uncompromised levels of safety and quality through its Safety Audit Programs. By implementing an extensive range of oversight and monitoring activities, IATA ensures a continuous evolution of its safety programs.

IMX (Integrated Management Solutions) is an electronic platform that provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for Quality and Safety Management, supporting audit activities, hazard identification, risk assessment and control. 

IATA does not consider airline safety ratings or rankings to be a valid measure of an individual organization’s safety performance. Find out more about IATA's position on Airline Safety Rankings (pdf).

To ensure direct communication channels for the IOSA customers and stakeholders willing to provide their feedback about any anomalies observed or suggestions for improvement related to the IOSA audit, IATA has developed a Customer Feedback Form (pdf) and generic email to collect this information. Introducing new direct ways of communication is an important step in achieving customer satisfaction and improving the IOSA program. To submit the report, please download, complete and attach the Customer Report form to the message sent to

Customer Feedback Form submission is available to any internal or external stakeholders, supplier, operator, or auditing organization that would like to report a recommendation or statement of concern about a service offered directly or indirectly by IATA before, during, or after the auditing process.