This first IATA Annual Security Report (IASR) highlights key issues within aviation security during 2023. A comprehensive readout of IATA’s efforts, locally, regionally and globally, it explores multiple topics within and across aviation security.

In addition to reflecting upon 2023, the report also looks ahead at the issues, events and threats that are on the horizon as we move into 2024. The report aims to be factual, fair, informative but also provocative to provide a sound base to aviation security debates, initiatives, capacity development and mitigation strategies.

The current approach to aviation security is heavily constrained by legacy thinking. In the absence of emergency drivers, changes ares slow and built upon existing legislation, past threats and events. With this report, we aim to drive innovative modelling and address new threats, threat actors and threat vectors.

Today's advanced screening technologies, the rise in artificial intelligence, open architecture and an improved understanding of threats will help envision a more efficient, secure and effective aviation system where security regulations enable an improved passenger experience.

> Download the Security Report 2023 (pdf)


  • A unique geopolitical overview of events in 2023 and their ongoing impact in 2024
  • Overview of aviation security and cybersecurity efforts in 2023
  • Key messages for civil aviation authorities and regulators
  • Overview of IATA’s governance in security
  • International regulatory evolution in view of Security Management System (SeMS) adoption
  • Reports from multilateral forums, including the Safe Skies Consultative Committee on conflict zones
  • IATA’s security projects and commercial portfolio
  • Testimonials from our Strategic Partners
  • Forecast for 2024, opportunities, risks and vulnerabilities