IATA acts as advocate and advisor to the industry on legal matters, including industry procedures and practices. It also coordinates industry and group litigation, and represents members' interests with respect to international treaties and agreements.

The Legal Advisory Council is one of the IATA Advisory Councils established and approved by the Director General. It acts as advisor to the IATA Board of Governors, the Director General and other relevant IATA bodies on legal matters affecting member airlines.

The Legal Advisory Council

  • Acts as an advocate for the air transport industry
  • Advises on the legal aspects of IATA Conference issues and services operated by IATA on behalf of the industry
  • Provides advice to IATA with respect to outside counsel
  • Advises and consents to litigation conducted by IATA on behalf of the industry
  • Advises IATA on matters related to the development of international law
  • Takes other action as necessary and appropriate

Appointments to the Legal Advisory Council take into consideration industry expertise, potential contribution to the Advisory Council's work, regional representation and the views of the Advisory Council members. Appointments are for a renewable periods of up to two years and are subject to approval of the Board of Governors.

Legal Forum

The IATA Legal Forum is a biannual working meeting of airline legal officers held under the auspices of the IATA Legal Advisory Council. All legal officers from IATA member airlines are welcome to attend and are entitled to submit business for consideration and discussion during the Legal Forum. The Legal Forum and its working materials can be seen as a key benefit of IATA membership.

General documentation


User's guides and commentaries

Agreements' template documents

Private Site

The private site is a repository of items of interest for legal officials of IATA members. Agenda items for the meeting of the Legal Forum are also posted on the private site, along with copies of periodic updates. For access, please contact us at lc@iata.org. Please note that access is available only to IATA members.


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