​This form is applicable to the IATA Passenger and Cargo Conferences.

Each voting Member shall accredit in writing to the Secretary one representative to each Traffic Conference. Each appointment of such accredited representative shall be duly executed by the Chief Executive of the Member, and shall certify that the appointee has full power and authority to bind the appointing Member on any matter properly before the Traffic Conference, and that the appointee has full power and authority to designate an alternate to act in his place and stead and to delegate to such alternate such power and authority to bind the appointing Member.

​A duly accredited representative may appoint an alternate to act in his/her place and stead at any meeting a responsible employee of such Member, provided that no such person shall be recognized as the alternate of a representative unless there is on file with the Secretary, or is presented at the time a written designation, signed by such representative, delegating to such person the power and authority of such representative to act on Traffic Conference matters; provided further that in the case of two or more Members being engaged in such joint operations, the alternate may be an employee of any such Member engaged in such joint operations. Such designation of an alternate shall be valid until revoked or replaced by another designation.

The foregoing appointments will remain in effect until revoked by written notice to: standards@iata.org

IATA Accredited Representative Application

Please attach evidence that your CEO approves this application for Accredited Representatives and/or the Accredited Representative approves this application for Alternate Representatives