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Aviation Information Data Exchange (AIDX) is the global XML messaging standard for exchanging flight data between airlines, airports, and any third party consuming operational data. AIDX is generally used in the operational window of a flight, but there are implementations that have extended AIDX messaging considerably beyond this temporal scope.

AIDX is endorsed as a standard by:

  •  IATA Recommended Practice 1797A
  • ACI Recommended Practice 501A07
  • ATA Recommended Practice 30.201A

The current release of AIDX is a standard for SESAR A-CDM information exchange, ACI ACRIS A-CDM Web Services and supported as the data exchange standard for A-CDM by ICAO (ICAO A-CDM Implementation Plan, Asia Pacific). 


The Delivery on Orders Working Group develops and maintains the AIDX messaging standard to support the efficient and effective exchange of operational flight data across the aviation industry.  Adoption of this industry data standards deliver substantial benefits to all stakeholders involved.

The Group comprises airlines, airports, IATA Strategic Partners and industry associations. Members may be involved in operational areas, architecting IT solutions, or be responsible for maintaining Data Standards within their organizations.

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Adoption of the AIDX industry standard delivers substantial benefits to airlines, operational partners responsible for updating operational flight information and industry stakeholders consuming operational flight data:

  • Improved data quality and accuracy
  • Support for A-CDM implementations
  • Support for disruptive event use cases
  • Increased flexibility/lower cost of integration with applications supporting an AIDX interface
  • Increased agility in managing/modernizing a portfolio of operational applications with a standard AIDX interface
  • Reduced numbers/simplification of IT adaptors needed for the exchange of e-data with business partners
  • Leveraging of open-source XML tools to process and analyze operational data



The schema was initially developed between 2005 and 2008 and involved over 80 airlines, airports and vendors interested in an XML message that exceeded the requirements of the IATA MVT (Movement) message.  Currently the schema comprises around 180 distinct data elements covering multiple aspects of Operational Flight Legs such as:

  • Flight Identification
  • Codeshare
  • Line of Work
  • Operational Times
  • Disruption Detail
  • Status and Remarks
  • Airport Resource Requirement
  • Passenger, Baggage, Fuel, Cargo statistics
  • Aircraft Detail



IATA releases two versions of all schema each year, and there may not be AIDX changes within each release. For this reason the Implementation Guide version may not be updated for each release.

Please note that the schema download is for the most current version. Earlier version of the schema are available in SSW.


To participate in the Delivery on Orders Working Group activities, please contact