Standardized performance-based procedures for ground handling operations is necessary for safe & efficient ground operations. Standard procedures would also increase efficiency for ground handling personnel which improves turnaround time.

IATA advocates for standardization to enhance the level of training across industries and reduce training time and costs which means safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective ground operation practices. 

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The challenges for ground operations continue to evolve. Heading into 2024 and following a near-complete recovery in demand post pandemic, ground operations will have to address the commitment to sustainable operations, the need to attract and retain staff, the requirement to reduce baggage mishandling, and more. Find out more on our latest Trend Report.



Manuals & Guidelines

How are users benefiting?



91% GSPs

Improved their ground handling operations




84% of Airlines

Improved their ground handling operations


86% of GSPs

Were able to reduce the risk of aircraft damage




86% of Airlines

Reduced the amount of errors