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When calculating an airfare or to establish prorate factors, the Ticketed Point Mileage (TPM) needs to be determined. A TPM represents a distance covered by one flight coupon of a passenger ticket and is calculated on the basis of non-stop or through scheduled air services.

The official source for flown mileages between all points is the TPM Manual that includes more than 65,000 city pair mileages.

The three-letter and numeric city codes and two-letter province/territory and country codes used in the TPM Manual are published in the City Code Directory (CCD).

Order the TPM Manual Online

The TPM Manual is available as .txt files. 


FORMAT: .txt files 

For .txt files, you will get access to downloadable files that you can then integrate into your system allowing you to automate calculations.

Updates to .txt files and API are made automatically monthly.

What's inside the TPM?

  •  Section 1 – General (City/Country Name Changes, Ticketed Point – Definition, Ticketed Point Mileage – Definition, Calculation Principle, Ticketed Point Mileage Limit, Precedence of Ticketed Point Mileage Distances, Basic Routing Provisions, Source of Mileages)
  • Section 2 – Ticketed Point Mileage Requests Procedure
  • Section 3 – Ticketed Point Mileage Bulletins
  • Section 4 – Ticketed Point Mileage Publication (Publication of Mileage Distances, Multiple Distances, Symbols and Global Indicators)
  • Section 5 – Global Indicators (GI)
  • Section 6 – Country Names – Decode
  • Section 7 – State/Province/Territory Names – Decode (Argentina, Australia, Brazil. Canada, United States)
  • Section 8 – List of Cross-Referenced Cities
  • Section 9 – Multi-Airport Cities
  • Section 10 – Ticketed Point Mileage Table

What’s new in the latest TPM Manual?

TPM constantly change as they are based on scheduled flights. As new routes are added or as other routes are decommissioned, it's important to use the latest TPM dataset for fare construction and pricing. Using outdated data can lead to incorrect fare values and loss of revenue.

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