Through the Passenger Agency Program, travel agents play a pivotal role in enhancing and streamlining the business dynamics with all participating airlines within the market. From facilitating sales to ensuring smooth settlement processes, travel agents serve as vital intermediaries, bridging the gap between airlines and passengers.

The Passenger Agency Conference Resolutions Manual (PACRM) includes all resolutions that have been universally agreed upon by airlines to organize the Passenger Agency Program.

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The PACRM is available in English in digital format and are updated every quarter, with a fully revised edition being published on the 1st of September. The PACRM comes with automatic updates for the year and a search function that makes finding up-to-date information easy.


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What's inside the PACRM?

The Passenger Agency Confrence Resolution Manual includes the different sets of rules and regulations travel agents comply with to be an IATA Accredited Travel Agent, such as:

  • The requirements for IATA Accreditation and Appointment
  • All Conference Resolutions that are applicable to participation in the Passenger Agency Programme, such as the Passenger Agency Sales Rules
  • Texts of certain Passenger Services Conference Resolutions, which regulate procedural matters

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