To ensure safe, reliable air shipments, accredited cargo agents have a duty to comply with the resolutions and regulations that keep the industry running smoothly.

Cargo Agency Conference Resolutions

The Cargo Agency Conference Resolutions form the terms and conditions that IATA Accredited Agents must comply with. You can find all the effective Resolutions in the Cargo Agency Conference Resolutions Manual.

Cargo Agent’s & European Air Cargo Program Handbooks

The Cargo Agent’s Handbooks (CAH) and European Air Cargo Program Handbook (EACPH) provide the basic rules and regulations governing trading relationships between IATA-accredited cargo agents or intermediaries and IATA member airlines. They are binding documents. They also specify the documents requirements for the accreditation of cargo agents and intermediaries, according to your location.

Latest versions of the CAH and EACPH:

CAH 801 – Cargo Agency Rules English - French (pdf)
CAH 803 – Cargo Agency Rules – Canada English - French (pdf)
EACPH 805zz – European Air Cargo Program English - Spanish - French (pdf)
CAH 807 – Cargo Agency Rules – China English (pdf)
CAH 809 – Cargo Agency Rules – South West Pacific English (pdf)
LAACPH 813zz – Latin American Air Cargo Program Handbook English - Spanish (pdf)