TACT Online is a web-based solution offering the most comprehensive content within TACT Air Cargo Solutions. Updated in real time by our team and network, you can easily search for what you need, when you need it. Every day, thousands of air cargo professionals use TACT Online to stay ahead of changes in air cargo regulations.

What do you get with TACT Online?

Rules & Regulations


  • Industry Rules: AWB Completion; Airline, City & Airport Codes, Acceptance for Carriage, Emissions Measurement, Cargo Master Operating Plan (MOP), Cargo Claims
  • Country Rules: Public holidays; Export; Import; Transshipment regulations; Restrictions in Acceptance & Prohibitions; Airport Facilities & Equipment; Documentation Requirements
  • Airport and Storage Facility Handing and Equipment
  • Airline Rules: Loading Charts; Interline Agreements; Restriction in Acceptance; Class Rates; Charges Collect
  • Cargo Border Management Bulletins

Tariffs & Rates


  • Industry Tariffs
  • Airline Tariffs & Rates
  • Special Commodity Pricing
  • Add Ons
  • Constructed Rates



  • Worldwide Schedules for 1000 airlines
  • Aircraft Type, Frequencies, Routing, Road Feeder Services

Denied Parties & Sanctions


  • United States Sanctions Lists
  • European Union Sanctions Lists
  • United Kingdom Sanctions Lists
  • United Nations Sanctions Lists

Trade Facilitation


  • Harmonized System Code (HS Code) Commodity Search
  • Customs Tariffs
  • Market Overview Import & Export
  • Product-specific Regulatory Measures

Cargo Tariffs Coordinating Conference Resolutions


  • Governing Resolutions for Air Cargo Tariffs
  • Applicable rules for Currency Conversion, Construction, Add-Ons



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