IATA Consulting provides robust economic analysis to support clients in making sound public policy and business decisions. Governments and regulatory agencies will benefit from our economic expertise, enabling them to make the right policy choices. Airlines, airports and other stakeholders operating in the transport industry will benefit from tailored solutions that address the various economic, regulatory or policy challenges in the operating environment.

​Who has benefited from our services?

UK Airports Commission (United Kingdom)

Project: Expert Advisory Panel

Air New Zealand (New Zealand)

Project: Sustainability Strategy

EuroControl (Europe)

Project: Air Traffic Management Cost-Benefit Analysis

Kuwait Airways (Kuwait)

Project: Market Trends Analysis and Business Strategy

Civil Aviation Authority (Maldives)

Project: Airport Economic Regulation

Advocacy Project (Africa, 12 countries)

Project: Air Transport Connectivity Study

How can IATA Consulting help?

IATA Consulting advises clients in the public and private sector on a wide range of economic, regulatory and policy issues. Our economists have extensive expertise and unmatched access to comprehensive air transport data to conduct economic analysis of market trends, policy and regulatory issues and to produce air traffic forecasts. In addition to being the leading source of industry analysis and intelligence, our economists have played active roles in developing a host of relevant aviation policies and regulation.

Our experts can assist in the following areas:

Market and Financial Analysis

  • Air transport market trends
  • Passenger and cargo forecasts
  • “What if” traffic simulations
  • Pricing, revenue and profitability analysis

Policy and Regulatory Analysis

  • Value of aviation studies
  • Regulatory impact studies
  • Economic regulation

Project and Transaction Appraisal

  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Economic impact studies
  • Public-private partnerships

More Information

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