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Global Media Day Program (pdf)

2023 in Review

Willie Walsh, Director General

Setting the scene videos, watch:  Accessibility Passenger Rights - Aircraft Noise

Sustainability in ​Air Transportation

Marie Owens Thomsen, SVP Sustainability and Chief Economist 

Presentation: Sustainability in Air Transportation (pdf)
Fact sheets: All sustainability fact sheets

Global Economic ​& Industry Outlook​

Andrew Matters, Director, Policy and Economics​

Presentation: Global Economic & Industry Outlook (pdf)
Press release: Airlines Set to Earn 2.7% Net Profit Margin on Record Revenues in 2024
Economic report: Global Outlook for Air Transport report (pdf)
Fact sheet: Industry Statistics (pdf)

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Hemant Mistry, Director Net Zero Transition

Setting the scene - watch SAF accounting principles
Presentation: Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) 

Fact sheet: Net zero 2050: sustainable aviation fuel (pdf)
Press release: SAF Volumes Growing but Still Missing Opportunities

Aircraft Noise Management

Jon Godson, Assistant Director Sustainability

Colette Zraibi, Aircraft Noise Management Specialist

Setting the scene, watch:  Aircraft noise management
Presentation: Aircraft Noise Management (pdf)
Fact sheet: The balanced approach to aircraft noise management (pdf)

The Value of the Slot Process

John Middleton, Head Worldwide Airport Slots

Presentation: The Value of the Slot Process (pdf)

Fact sheet: Airport slots (pdf)

IATA Global Passenger Survey Highlights

Nick Careen, SVP Operations, Safety & Security

Presentation: IATA Global Passenger Survey (pdf)

Digital ID and Biometrics

Youn Kim, Manager, Customer Experience

Presentation: Digital ID and Biometrics (pdf)

Fact sheet: One ID (pdf)


Transition to Offers & Orders

Yanik Hoyles, Director Distribution 

Presentation: Transition to Offers & Orders (pdf)

Fact sheet: Distribution with Offers and Orders (NDC) (pdf)


Air Cargo Developments & Outlook

Rachel Yuting Fan, Senior Macro Economist


Presentation: Air Cargo Developments & Outlook (pdf)

Cargo Update

Brendan Sullivan, Global Head of Cargo

Presentation: Cargo Update (pdf)
Whitepaper: Making Air Cargo Appealing to Young Talent - FACE (pdf)  


Digitalization ​in Air Cargo: Navigating the Future​

Henk Mulder, Head Digital Cargo

Presentation: Digitalization in Air Cargo (pdf)

Harnessing the Power of Data to Improve Safety & Efficiency

Nick Careen, SVP Operations, Safety & Security


Presentation: Harnessing the Power of Data to Improve Safety & Efficiency (pdf)


Safety & Operational Risk Mitigation

Nick Careen, SVP Operations, Safety & Security


Presentation: Safety & Operational Risk Mitigation (pdf)

Africa & Middle East Briefing

Kamil Alawadhi, Regional VP, Africa & the Middle East

Presentation: Focus Africa briefing (pdf)

Presentation: Middle East briefing (pdf)