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Presentations will be updated during the afternoon on 12 December.


Press release:
Carbon Emissions Per Passenger Decrease More Than 50% Since 1990


Latest environmental developments panel
Aviation and the Environment (pdf)
My Climate (pdf)

How can air traffic management reduce emissions?
How can ATM reduce emissions (pdf)

Aviation, single-use plastic and waste
Aviation, single-use plastics and waste (pdf)

Sustainable fuels panel
Sustainable Fuels (pdf)
IAG Presentation (pdf)
Neste presentation (pdf)
Noyes Law Corporation (pdf)

Future technological developments panel
Airbus presentation (pdf)
Rolls-Royce presentation (pdf)

Fact sheets:
CORSIA (pdf)
Sustainable aviation fuels (pdf)
Cabin waste (pdf)
Technology Roadmap (pdf)


Top Issues

Safety & Security

Presentation: Safety briefing (pdf) - Safety fact sheet (pdf) - IATA Safety Audit Programs fact sheet​ (pdf) (IOSA / ISSA / ISAGO)
More on Safety Programs

Presentation: Lithium Batteries (pdf) - Cybersecurity (pdf) - Technology transforming security (pdf)
Security fact sheet (pdf)


Passenger Experience & Industry Workforce

One ID
Presentation: One ID - The seamless journey (pdf)
One ID fact sheet (pdf)
More on One ID

Gender Balance in Our Workforce - 25by2025
Presentation: 25by2025: IATA's Invitation to Industry (pdf)
More on 25by2025

Passengers with disabilities
Presentation: Passengers with disabilities briefing (pdf)
Passenger with disabilities fact sheet (pdf)

​​​​​ ​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Links to presentations will be added as the presentations are given, during the afternoon on 12 December.

2019 Year in Review (pdf)
Economic Briefing (pdf)
Border Management/Trade Facilitation (pdf)
Lithium Batteries & Dangerous Goods (pdf)
Digital Cargo (pdf)
Cargo Operations (pdf)
E-Commerce (pdf)
Cargo iQ (pdf)
Special Cargo (pdf)
Cargo Sustainability (pdf)

Press release
IATA to Improve Efficiency of Cargo Handling Audits

Fact sheets
Cargo security (pdf)
e-freight & e-AWB (pdf)
Lithium Batteries (pdf)

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