Gain unparalleled efficiency in aircraft maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) with IATA's MRO Insights. This neutral web-based platform empowers airlines, MRO service providers, OEMs, and appraisers to optimize the procurement, sale, and valuation of aircraft spare parts.  

  • Access real-time fair market values (FMV) for aircraft parts, facilitating optimal procurement and sale decisions.
  • Simplify the handling of teardown projects by centralizing all processes to make the purchasing assets for teardown and the processing more transparent.
  • Eliminate 10-15% of material costs through transparent pricing and efficient trading capabilities.
  • Utilize modules like Evaluator, Auctioneer, and Teardown Suite to streamline trading processes with preferred partners.

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MRO SmartHub
Procure, sell, and valuate aircraft surplus parts by gaining real-time access to fair market values.

Aircraft Maintenance Cost Data eXchange
Determine the cost of fleet maintenance and make informed introduction and expansion decisions.