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Understand flight schedules to benefit your air service development & predict shifting demand with accurate aviation data


OAG Analyser is an aviation analysis platform which uses schedules data as its bedrock to enable users allows you to drill down into global schedules and capacity data for commercial and operational insight.

It brings the most comprehensive and accurate network of schedules and connections data to the fingertips of Airport Network Developers or Aviation Industry experts and analysts.

This powerful tool provides the supply side for all strategic supply-demand analysis related to passenger air travel, and air cargo. It is the perfect complement to AirportIS and is available through a single integrated interface. It enables customers to seamlessly compare key aviation data trends and insights.

The OAG Analyser Platform available through AirportIS includes complimentary data modules Schedules, Connections, and a Mapper Tool. Updated weekly, the platform makes analysing data both fast and easy, through ready to use pre-defined reports or customized queries.

Focus on the right data to deliver the insight, reports and charts you really need to answer your questions.

  1. How can airport resources be planned to meet passenger volumes?
  2. What schedules have been filed for the upcoming week, season or month?
  3. How much capacity are similar airports adding?
  4. What new routes are competing airports adding?
  5. What market share does my airport have to a specific destination or region?
  6. What opportunities exist for new routes?


OAG Analyser is only available in a bundle with AirportIS.

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