Sharpen your focus for more accurate decision-making

The future of your airline depends on making the right commercial decisions, but how can you be sure of your chosen path when there’s so much you don’t know?

Direct Data Solutions fills in every detail of the picture you’re looking at, so the right path becomes clear.


Get the most comprehensive data available

Direct Data Solutions (DDS) provides carriers with easy access to a single global dataset of airline sales, market and itinerary data. Aggregated from multiple sources, including data contributed by carriers, IATA's available Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) transactions, and ARC's Area Settlement Plan (ASP) transactions, DDS data is the most comprehensive and accurate of its kind.

  • Ticket data
  • Direct as well as indirect channels
  • Daily updates
  • Worldwide coverage


Discover how DDS helped the Canadian carrier WestJet fine-tune their network expansion strategy with unprecedented precision


Why DDS?

Across your airline, in network and fleet planning, revenue management, sales and marketing, product development, and the offices of your C-suite, decisions are being made every day. Big or small, each contributes to the future of your company, aiming to improve your competitivity or maintain your profitability. Direct Data Solutions can help you:

  • Magnify the power of your decision-making – With unprecedented clarity and insight, you can better identify and calculate potential outcomes.
  • Limit risk – With access to the most complete picture, the margin for error on your decisions can be reduced.
  • Focus on what matters – By eliminating the need to gather and process additional data, you can concentrate on the value-added work of analyzing the information and developing strategies.

Next Generation DDS

The Direct Data Solutions File Feed is now based in the cloud. Not only does this enable delivery of stable and reliable DDS feeds now, it will also ensure faster, easier implementation of new features and capabilities as time goes on, such as:

  • Additional data, data volumes and data sources
  • Data enhancements
  • New delivery options, including direct file access and direct data warehouse access
  • An optimized web interface, providing intuitive analysis and more efficient insight-identification, as well as enhanced monitoring and reporting
  • Inclusion of New Distribution Capability (NDC) data


Schedule a call 

Let us help you select the right format and scope of data for your needs, as well as understand the impact of your participation and your options:

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  2. Tell us about your needs when we talk, so we can provide you with all the information you need for your fellow decision-makers, and prepare a quote when you’re ready.
  3. Prepare to make smarter decisions, with access to DDS data in the format you need.
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