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Enhance your destination marketing strategy and elevate strategic decision-making with reliable passenger traffic data

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Global Agency Pro (GAP) is a specialized market intelligence tool crafted for destination marketers in need of quality travel data for strategic purposes.

Dive into the dynamics of global passenger traffic with GAP to uncover essential insights into travelers heading to your destination—discovering their origins, length of stay, and more. Analyze competing destinations to gain a comprehensive understanding of your market landscape.

GAP offers comprehensive market insights, even allowing users to analyze ticket sales at a travel agency level, providing unparalleled granularity.

Offering agency data based on actual tickets sold

GAP’s database is sourced from IATA and ARC-accredited travel agencies. This data is based on actual tickets sold by travel agencies that include 5-year historical and 1-year future data.  

Offering comprehensive and granular statistical information, GAP helps DMOs gain the valuable passenger behavior insights needed to identify new opportunities, evaluate their destination’s performance, and compare that performance against their competitors.

Discover how GAP is helping other DMOs attract more visitors to their destinations


Gain a competitive advantage with GAP

 You can use the GAP platform to:  

  • Track and evaluate air travel to your destinations.
  • Analyze the performance of competing destinations.
  • Monitor ticket sales by ARC and IATA-accredited agencies.
  • Distill passenger ticketing data by country, region, or city.
  • Pinpoint your destination’s most loyal and/or visitor-generating travel agencies.
  • Identify new opportunities for business relationships with new agencies.
  • Evaluate agencies’ sales performance following FAM trip initiatives.

Trusted by leading DMOs and tourism agencies worldwide

Find out how Destination Canada and Atout France used GAP to maximize their efficiency and enhance their marketing strategies, leading to next-level success. Our Case Studies showcase new and innovative ways GAP can help you hit your marketing targets, optimize your operations, and generate unparalleled results.

Add the power of GAP to your destination marketing strategies

Users love GAP’s intuitive interface that can be easily calibrated to each DMO’s specific requirements. You can modify the system to your desired metrics and filter the data based on date, origin, travel class, agency location, and more.

Access the best travel data available to refine your marketing initiatives, target new markets, and make confident data-backed decisions to help your destination thrive.

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Still not sure? Overcome the most common destination marketing challenges with GAP

GAP is specifically designed to address the common challenges faced by DMOs, including:  

  • Disparate data sources.
  • An overreliance on anecdotal evidence.
  • Complex, time-consuming identification of target markets and intermediaries.
  • Misdirected marketing and FAM trips for the wrong intermediaries.

By giving you precise, comprehensive, and accurate market intelligence data, GAP helps you avoid targeting the wrong source markets or wasting time and money on initiatives that rely on anecdotes and guesswork.

Instead, GAP gives you everything needed to:

  • Discover new opportunities to grow your market.
  • Identify and engage the most suitable travel agents, including underperformers or agents sending visitors to competing destinations.
  • Gain confidence and make data-backed decisions backed by accurate passenger traffic data.