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14 February 2022

IATA Passenger Interline Rejection Reduction Dashboard - Q4 2021

The Interline Billing and Settlement Operations ("IBS OPS") Working Group and Simplified Invoicing and Settlement ("SIS") Operations Team are pleased to continue publishing the New Passenger Interline Rejection Billings Quarterly Dashboard. This dashboard is a quarterly publication from the IATA Passenger Rejection Memo Reduction Initiative, which is endorsed by the IATA Financial Advisory Committee to reduce the number of unnecessary passenger rejection billings in the industry. 

The purpose of this new quarterly dashboard is to maintain industry awareness of passenger interline rejection billings and encourage airlines to track the trend of their own passenger interline rejection billings by generating the report in SIS titled, "Non Sampling RM Analysis Comparison to the Industry".

While the industry's overall passenger interline prime billings have notably decreased due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, rejection billings have maintained or, in some instances, increased in volumes relative to prime billings.

Below is the dashboard for the 4th Quarter of 2021 (Q4-2021).

How will your airline continue to reduce passenger interline rejections? Stay updated with these dashboard publications and helpful resources on the “Rejections” tab of the SIS Webpage.

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