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9 April 2022

IATA Payment Webinars

Since late 2021, IATA has hosted a series of payment-focused webcasts. The next one takes place on 25 May from 9am to 10am and 3pm to 4pm CEST, and is focused on payment surcharge rights and capping of interchange fees.

The airline Payment Methods Working Group (PMWG) has identified the individual right to surcharge card payments, if relevant, among its key priorities, with the objective of building a repository of publicly available sources of information on right to surcharge the usage of payment instruments and interchange/merchant fee capping- for airline payment managers to consult at their discretion.

IATA has collected references to relevant national payment legislation for 42 markets in scope (this means government or regulatory web sites, and not commentaries by others) framing:

  • Either the right to surcharge the usage of payment instrument (it may not be necessarily limited to card)
  • And/or interchange or merchant fee capping

The repository of the information will be made available to airlines via the Payment Community after the webinar during which IATA will present and comment on the information that has been gathered.

Airlines may register here.

Airlines can view the recordings and supporting materials of the past sessions in the Payment Knowledge Sharing Community: 

  • April 2022: Payment Orchestration
  • March 2022: Airline Payment Report and Industry Stats
  • February 2022: Payment Readiness Guide for Airline Retailing
  • January 2022: Airline Payment Framework

Should any airline be interested in joining the Community or wish to on-board additional members of their staff, please refer to the Community onboarding & user guide (pdf).

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