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7 September 2022

WPS 2022 - The Transition Paths towards 100% Offers & Orders

In the industry’s Vision towards 100% Offers and Orders (pdf), the ambition is for airlines to be in full control of their Offer creation and to no longer rely on legacy artefacts such as PNRs, e-tickets and EMDs for fulfillment.

This move towards typical online retailing capabilities was recently endorsed by the airline CEOs that comprise the IATA Board of Governors: the ambition is to increase value creation through true customer centricity, and to make airlines more resilient to future shocks and challenges.

However, the question remains: if this aspiration is achievable, then what would the transition paths look like?

Join us at the World Passenger Symposium (WPS) in Bahrain from 1 to 3 November at the legendary 5-Star Gulf Hotel Bahrain, and learn more from industry experts about how the journey to 100% Offers and Orders could be accelerated, what would be the impact of airlines’ organization design, and more.

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View the Retailing and Payment Track Agenda (pdf)

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