IATA's Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) provides services for the settlement of financial transactions between travel agents and airlines. BSPlink is an innovative, internet-based system, which facilitates these interactions and exchanges of information between all participants in the BSP. In order to ensure that BSPlink continues to deliver fast, secure and reliable service to all BSP participants, IATA is modernizing BSPlink beginning with the New Front End (NFE) Project.


Scope of the project

  • Develop and implement a customer-centric New Front-End (NFE) platform
  • Develop and enhance all existing functionalities of the BSPlink
  • Improved look-and-feel, to meet and exceed expectations of our customers
  • Develop new requirements/features for the industry and the industry projects (e.g. NewGen ISS, TIP)

To meet rising customer expectations, IATA developed a first prototype of the new BSPLink platform. This User Interface (UI) Prototype of the New Front End (NFE), was released for review, testing and feedback during March-April 2018.

IATA joined forces with over 60 companies to ensure that the concepts and features to be developed fit the business needs of our industry.

Over 220 users, including airlines, travel agents, GDSs, and other stakeholders provided their feedback and testing results on the preliminary demo version of the New BSPlink.

This information has been incorporated into the continuing development of the NFE.

Prototype highlights

  • More than 100 features implemented
  • Including main processes (ADM, RFND, TA and Files) and new features (Personalized Dashboards and Global/regional views)
  • Clickable Prototype focused on UX
  • Interactive testing tool with video and detailed feedback collection on user experience and features

Testing audience

  • Internal: Presented to all Global Delivery Centers and over 20 champions assigned
  • External: Strong participation interest from stakeholders such as airlines, agents and GDSs;
    70 companies involved, over 220 testers.

Survey results

The New Front End (NFE) Project is the first stage in the development of the new BSPlink system.

The NFE project team is developing and implementing a customer-centric NFE platform with new and enhanced functionalities providing BSPlink users with an improved user experience, including a fresh look and feel.

Features of the New BSPlink Platform

  • User-friendly and intuitive user interfaces
  • Global / Regional access to your BSPs with one click
  • Improved standard forms for SAFs and STDs
  • Succinct dashboards and online statistics
  • Self-service functions to configure data processing (DPC)
  • Real-time data exchange through Webservice (API)
  • Data retention and access of files for longer period
  • Enhanced performance with high speed
  • Multi-language, including Asian languages
  • Mobile apps and business intelligence services

The first version of this enhanced system is expected to be delivered by the second quarter 2020.

Training materials and online courses will be made available progressively during the first quarter of 2020. Access will be provided to all users, enabling them to explore the new features and functionalities of the BSPlink system before the production go-live date.

For any questions please contact the BSPlink New Front-End project team.